Paternity Testing Service in Jackson, TN

At Fidelity Search Enterprises, we understand that the paternity of your child is an incredibly important issue, but, unfortunately, it can be a matter dispute more often than it should be. Don’t be in the dark on the issue of your child’s (or your own) lineage, and don’t let anyone escape responsibility. Take advantage of our paternity testing service to have results you can count on. At Fidelity Search Enterprises, we do our utmost best to keep customers satisfied, while exceeding their expectations.

Our testing facility also provides reliable expertise in alcohol and drug testing service for your business. Make sure you work with people you can trust to respect your company’s policies. Our background checks will deliver the results you need to find out who you are hiring.

For information on all of our services, including DNA testing, call or visit us today at Fidelity Search Enterprises in Jackson, TN.


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